Saturday, 16 February 2013

Valentine's Day

Thursday was Valentine's Day. Oliver had been working in Holland until Wednesday and was called to Essex on Thursday. He had hoped to be home at tea time, but instead worked a long day, hit heavy traffic and wasn't home until around 8.30pm. He came through the front door tired and stressed with a bag of lovely food for us to share, only to find a wide-awake Charlie who was not interested in going to bed, and an exhausted wife who wanted some help at home. Oliver had been hoping for a peaceful evening with me and was clearly disappointed that things hadn't turned out as he had hoped as we sat eating with an excitable 2 year-old between us! Eventually Charlie went up to bed and Oliver and I collapsed on the sofa for some treasured time alone together.....all 15 minutes of it, before a poorly Callum awoke and joined us downstairs. He was bunged up and unhappy, and soon began complaining that his ear hurt. Callum periodically cried out in pain, and I watched Oliver wince with every yelp as he offered him medicine. Eventually we retired to bed, taking an exhausted Callum with us to cuddle off to sleep.

I'm not bothered by Valentine's Day, I held no romantic vision of what the day might have in store so I wasn't disappointed, and as we drifted off into a welcome sleep holding hands across our poorly son, I couldn't help feeling like the day had turned out just fine! Time and time again our children remind us of the strength we have together, the purpose we find within our family and the manifest beauty of love when we are caring for one another well. Happiness and romance don't always look the way I expect them to...our home has always been a wonderful place for me to learn!


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