Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Just a lovely moment....

We were walking to the shop to pick up a few supplies and it was windy and chilly. On the return leg Joseph was deep in thought and asked...

"When I breathe does my air go into the earth's air, or does the earth's air come into my air?"

We talked about how we breathe out carbon dioxide which is absorbed by trees and plants, which then put oxygen back into the air for us to breathe. Joseph was mesmerised by this idea and said "I want to do that!" It seemed to him far too incredible to be something that happens around us all of the time! I told him I'd draw a picture to show how it worked when we got home, and he liked that idea.

We walked on and Joseph said, "When we're talking we're learning aren't we!"

We try not to rush anywhere if its possible, and enjoying walking and driving together with lots of time to let our minds wander and chat about whatever comes up.

It seems like a pretty precious aspect of our learning, and our relationship.

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