Monday, 18 February 2013

Science Museum

We had a fabulous day at the Science Museum this week. All three boys loved it and I only wish I had been able to capture in a photo the look of absolute wonder on Joseph's face as he explored the Launchpad. I have it in a memory store though! It wasn't just my children of course, the museum was buzzing with excited, enthused and fully engaged children exploring the exhibits, rushing from one to another to experience as many as they could.

As I watched them (and joined in myself) it was just so clear how my children love to learn. They want to touch, play, watch, exercise choice and experience it all for themselves. They looked like masters of their learning worlds as they navigated the galleries. I'm sure they felt powerful!

Joseph, Callum and Charlie navigate their real-world learning environments like this all day every day, spending their days buzzing around, exercising choice, excited, enthused and fully engaged. That in itself is enough to convince me that they are learning.


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