Friday, 12 April 2013

Waiting for Spring

No doubt about it learning from home in the winter months has been a challenge, with coughs and colds and very cold weather keeping us indoors more than we would usually like! It feels as though we haven't been up to much other than hibernating maybe, although there is still enough going on to prevent me from writing about our activities as much as I would like! So I've put together a photo montage of some of the things we've been up to while we wait for spring to arrive! It was fun to do, and helped me see that actually we've not been hibernating as much as I thought! Looking at all that we are doing, rather than thinking about what we're not is always a healthy activity!

Click the link below for lots of pictures, hope you enjoy :-)

Waiting for Spring Photos



  1. I know what you mean about the hibernating, sometimes this endless winter I have wished we really could!! Your photos are gorgeous, what a fantastic childhood your boys are having :-)It's clear to see just from that selection of photos, that it's not so much 'how do they learn at home' but how could you STOP them learning!

    1. Thank You :-) You're so right, I never worry about whether they are learning, its just what they do!! Fingers crossed warm weather is just around the corner...the fab thing about learning at home is that as soon as the sun appears, we can get straight outside and enjoy it!
      Lou xx