Friday, 26 April 2013

Lovely things...

After writing 'Something lovely, every day :)' a couple of days ago, I thought I would record something lovely from yesterday. There were lots to chose from, so I'll mention a couple of lovely things related to each boy!

While we were walking to the beach and he was balancing on a wall, Joseph asked if his brothers' eyes are the same as his, meaning can they see the same things he can? We a had a nice chat about this. A lovely glimpse into a philosophical mind! He also got excited about the two of us playing Plants vs Zombies together at bedtime!

On the beach, Callum was (as always) very wet and covered in sand. He asked where he could wash his sandy hands, and I directed him to a puddle of sea water. Once they were clean, he came to where I was laying and said "I can hold you now" and climbed on top of me for a cuddle, telling me several times "I love you Mummy!" As we were leaving, he danced around singing a song about his new coat and then said "Goodbye new friend" to a little girl he had been chatting too!

Charlie asked to come shopping with me, told me that supermarkets are so called because they sell super things, and while travelling down an aisle in the trolley shouted "Guess what I love? YOU!!" He showed me a 'flower' he had spotted in the clouds and when I gave him a pine cone I'd found in the car park, he smiled as though it were the very best gift!


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