Monday, 23 July 2012

Sunshine, Freedom and Creativity

Today has been all about the sunshine! Chalking in the garden, filling up a watering can from a bucket of water and giving the plants a drink, and then drenching the chalk in water and drawing on a wet trampoline!

They observed and enjoyed the changing properties of the chalk as it got wet, and then again as the sun dried off the trampoline....and made 'muddy puddles' of course.

I'd have felt pretty disappointed if I had been hoping for an impressive chalked mural, but I was simply hoping for a bit of joy on their own terms, so we had a great time! It's all about testing things out for the boys at the moment; using things in different ways and seeing what happens to them. When they do this they make the 'things' they are playing with their own, and are automatically creative :)

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