Wednesday, 18 July 2012


One of the most challenging parts of parenting for me has been facing difficult aspects of myself in my children's personalities! Joseph usually doesn't like to wait for things and expects instant manifestation; this has highlighted my own impatience!

I don't problematise Joseph, Callum or Charlie's behaviour, (although I wish I could be that kind to myself!) they are as they are at this point in time and my focus is on loving and accepting them rather than trying to turn them into something else. Our individual response to the world can have some great lessons for us, which is why learning without school seems so important to me.

There is so much to learn from nature. Joseph planted some salad leaves with his Uncle Andrew a few weeks ago and yesterday they were ready to eat.

Growing things takes time, and you need to wait for the results. I don't need to tell Joseph that sometimes it helps to be patient, he can experience this for himself!

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