Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A motivation to read

We walk past the Shell Grotto in Margate regularly and Joseph often likes to stop, have a look through the window and ask if it's open or not. Yesterday when he asked I had already walked past the sign so said "has the sign got a 'c' for Callum or an 'o' at the beginning?" He told me it had an 'o' so I said that the word says open and that if it's closed it will have a 'c' at the beginning of the word like 'c' for Callum. On we went with our day.

Today as we walked past he said "Look Mummy it's closed, 'c' 'c' closed!"

Just a few moments of the day, talking about something he is interested in and wants to know about. I have always retained information better when it's relevant to me and makes sense in the context of my every day life. Why would Joseph be any different?

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