Monday, 24 March 2014

Day 25 - 100 Happy Days!

I've been joining in with 100 Happy Days, taking a photo a day of something that makes me happy and posting it on Facebook. Today I'm writing about my happy day here, because it doesn't fit into a couple of neat sentences, because there are a few photos and because it seems relevant here.

This morning I was in the garden alone pulling up weeds and getting ready to plant a few seeds, while the boys were indoors doing their own thing in various parts of the house. Only a few short months ago this would have seemed like an impossibility for many reasons that arise as a result of having three small boys who are with me all the time, but they are growing and things are shifting all the time too. It was nice to notice this one little part of life where things have become 'easier' and a little more manageable because the challenges still exist as the boys get bigger, they just shift too! At various points while I was outside the boys came to join me, help with the planting and in the case of Callum, take his wellies off and enjoy having his feet in mud! We watched some slugs, and talked about how plants reproduce.

There's a physical space around me sometimes now, for a short amount of time, that there hasn't been for almost six years. That's not what I'm happy about though. I'm really happy to feel myself enjoying each phase as it passes, and happy that even in those most difficult times with a toddler and two babies, I didn't ever wish any of it away. I found something happy every day, and then before I knew it I was in the garden alone, pottering around...

....until someone called and asked me to help him turn into Red Riding Hood! :-)

Which made me happy some more!


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