Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A moment of doubt

It's 7.30am and Joseph and I are almost ready to leave the house for his nursery trip and Callum and Charlie are happily getting dressed with Daddy. A little cloud of self-doubt just drifted past me as I thought, "Perhaps the school run wouldn't be that bad after all, maybe the boys would be fine getting ready to leave the house by 8.30am every morning and it wouldn't cause as much stress and rushing (and as little time, space and stillness) as I imagine. Then I remembered how eagerly Joseph had leapt out of bed this morning and asked to get dressed straight away, excited about his day at Wingham Wildlife Park...a far cry from the usual persuasion and games I need to use to get him dressed! Callum and Charlie have been told that they are off to see the Wolves at Wildwood with Daddy, and are very happy to cooperate in order to get there as quickly as possible!

This is not how a school run would be, although I've no doubt that it wouldn't always be as difficult as I imagine. The point is that I doubted myself, and I suspect there will be more moments like this in the forthcoming months.

All part of the adventure!

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